Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for Procrastination

As Facebook is the primary news source for most of us, it may appear to those in my friend list that I am an ungrateful person since I have failed to jump on the bandwagon of posting one thankful thing a day in November. That's not the case; I'm just a habitual procrastinator. Or, I'm a genius. Because I can now post all 24 items the eve before the day the nation takes time to remember all of the blessings it has. Hokey as some may see it, we truly are all blessed day in and day out. Sometimes blessings are cloaked in crisis or sadness, but there always seems to be a bigger picture. I call that God. Some call it Fate. Others may call it karma.  Whatever the name, let us relish in all the things that do and don't happen to make our lives what they are.  That said, I am thankful for:

  1. my faith in someone so much wiser than I. It's such a comfort to feel I am not entirely in control all the time. I have little patience and am often guilty of being shortsighted. Thankfully, God has my back.
  2. my perfectly imperfect husband. He may not love that description, but it actually depicts the kind of person I want to love. Someone who is not so perfect I feel inadequate, but someone who is awesome enough to help me improve. Also, he's an amazing cook. That comes in handy (though my pants may disagree). 
  3. my family members. Yes, all of them. Good or bad, they have influenced me to become the person I am. And, while there are some loose screws, I have some amazing people. You may see some of them reappear later on in the list.
  4. my friends. I am talking about the true-blue kind. The ones that know almost everything there is to know about me and still tolerate, and in fact love, me. I keep only a few people who I can bare my soul to, and I certainly pity, grateful for, them.
  5. my mom. It's necessary to list her separately because she fills both the family and friend category. Truly an inspiration in my life and one of my dearest friends and role models. So blessed.
  6. my pets. Tigger and I have had some long, intimate conversations. She's a good listener (for a cat). Skitzy gives me some entertainment and is helping me build patience for children. Sadie is just the best dog on the planet. Period.
  7. the Internet. It had to make my top ten because I spend so much time working, surfing, pinning (shout out to the Pinteresters!), researching, deal seeking, uploading, downloading, and time wasting on it. What would I do without it? Read a book, re-learn to sew, polish my cooking skills, clean the house...hmmm.
  8. my job. I am glad to be employed in any situation but especially so in a "recovering" economy. And, it helps to love my job a majority of the time. 
  9. to almost be done with my master's. It will be number one on next year's list. And, probably on Graham's. Trust me.
  10. peppermint mochas. Okay, Starbucks. Okay, coffee in general. But, peppermint mochas are pretty great.
  11. a roof over my head. At this point, I'm not prioritizing the list so please don't judge that my dwelling didn't make the top ten. It takes a lot of my resources, so it's a love/hate relationship. But, I am thankful to have shelter from the elements and a place to call home.
  12. sarcasm. It's a healthy way to express feelings and spur discussion. Jon Stewart is a master; I am honored to share in the craft.
  13. music. It calms me. Energizes me. Angers me. Saddens me. Makes me happy. Takes me into my own world. I wish I could sing or play an instrument. I will just have to live vicariously through offspring. Definitely learning the mandolin, kids!
  14. wine. Do I really need to explain?
  15. North Carolina. This place saved my life. I love the state, and without bias, I am pretty sure it is the best state in the nation. Although I hear Chicago may be applying for statehood.
  16. the mountains. I never understood spiritual connections to place until I spent time hiking in and staring at the majesty of the Blue Ridge. There is true healing in the mountains beyond any I have found.
  17. books. I love a good story. I can become a part of it, get lost in it, and relive it. A truly good story can expand the possibilities of reality.
  18. speaking of...possibility. I love that every day holds a fresh start, and that we have been given the opportunity to choose to make mistakes. Of course, we can choose to make good decisions, but in the grand scheme, the mistakes tend to be the choice we make. As long as we learn and move on...
  19. autumn. Crisp air, cool breezes, magnificent colors, cozy smells, candles, fires, leaf piles, Thanksgiving, Halloween...fall has it all.
  20. sales. I hate paying full price for things. Sales are a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment. Without caution, however, they can also strain the wallet. But, it's a good deal!!!
  21. showers. I can't imagine a world without bathing, and I admire those who went weeks without bathing in the Dark Ages. I'm not sure disease was the cause of death for all of could have just been depression that a nice warm shower would have cured. I just know I always feel better after a steamy shower. 
  22. chocolate. I love it. That's why it usually makes my bio in online profiles, and it's probably why it dominates about 10% of my conversations. I love baking, but I'm not sure if it's only because that means I can use more chocolate.
  23. creativity. Pinterest (oh gosh, it made the list twice). I love ideas and love being inspired. Even if I'm not the one using the creative energy, it's so wonderful to be surrounded by it. 
  24. procrastination. Sometimes the best things come from waiting. It can be stressful, but I have found in my years as a procrastinator that it also has the ability to inspire. And, procrastination gave me the gift of composing this list and thinking of all the wonderful blessing I enjoy in life. 

May you be blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving!