Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From Finally! to So Soon?!


It's fall. My favorite season. Bring on pumpkin everything (so far muffins, bread, PSLs, munchkins, waffles, tassies, & pie), apple cider, chilly mornings, amazing colors, and boots.  Though I still have more decorating to do (for the season & for someone's upcoming fall birthday bash), here's a sneak peak at my DIY fall décor. Most of this is upcycled/reused. Partly because I love the environment & mostly because I'm cheap. Especially when I am not making a paycheck. That's the great thing about fall...nature does a lot of the decorating for you! (Note: the Via pack is not part of our display, but it is what I turned to this morning when I realized I had burned through my pumpkin k-cups. Emergency stash.)
Smith Harvest Décor

So Soon?!
It was bound to happen. Hayley is now only 9 days away from leaving babyhood (if we're being honest, she left it about 4 months ago) and becoming a runner toddler.  I, of course, loved her as a baby, but I must say this kid gets more personality and is more fun (and exhausting) each day. I love that we can really interact, play games, have "conversations", and enjoy each other's company more now than ever. And, I look forward to seeing all that she will do in the next year. On the other hand, it is a bit surreal that I will have a one year old. Time flies when you're running around and not sleeping, I guess.


The kid is a ham. And adorable. And mischievous. And she knows it.
Happy October 1st!