Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From One Year to the Next

Well, it's official. I am one year older today. And while every birthday after 25 just serves as a countdown to the next scary number, this year is truly one to celebrate. And it's all thanks to a stick and a roll.

Hard to believe a year ago I found out I was pregnant (see stick above). A year later, my little girl has figured out how to roll from back to tummy. Talk about growth.

Typically, and probably like many of you, I see birthdays as a time to take stock of what I've accomplished with the last year. It never seems like I did enough or achieved something remarkable. But, this year, all that has changed. I will admit, I am the first in line to criticize myself and find the cracks where most people see nothing. So my first instinct was to take that same attitude this year. After all, I am walking away from a job, I am that much more jaded about the working world, I have a few extra pounds this year, I added more debt to my life, I feel like I am constantly paddling in the waves and only being sent back out to sea most days, and I have realized it's time to let some things and people go.

On the other hand, I am going to get to watch my little girl learn new things every day because I'm home, I will take my jaded view and look for ways to create something better, I have a beautiful baby thanks to those extra pounds, I have a master's degree to go along with that debt, I have a wonderful navigator watching over me who sends me just enough rope when I need it, and I appreciate the wonderful people I am keeping in my life all the more. And, I truly do have some amazing people in my life. A mother I can look up to as a role model for my own journey in motherhood; a husband who helps me realize when I'm clinging to the wrong things and rights my path; a few wonderful friends who I can call on anytime, without hesitation, and know they will be there; in-laws that I can honestly say I adore as my own family; a brother who helped shape the person I am today; and a stepfather who never once felt like a step anything. Now I have a daughter who, everyday, shows me new and exciting things about the world and helps me realize little accomplishments must be celebrated. Finding out your fingers can, in fact, grab the toy dangling in front of you. Figuring out how to use those long legs to move in a bouncy toy. Discovering you can make Mom and Dad smile by grinning. And, learning that with effort and cooperation, it is possible to roll from back to front. Every time she figures something out, she erupts into a face-spanning smile. We should all be so proud and excited to relish in our small victories every day. Getting a good parking space. Waking up rested. Drinking a perfect cup of coffee (before it gets cold). Continuing a blog as a promise to yourself. Making it to your next birthday.

One of my favorite shows (maybe of all time) recently had this epiphany of small victories.

Watch the episode here.

Enjoy today.

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