Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From Coffee to the Salamander

Let me explain...I must have coffee in the morning. I am, by now, positive it is 90% in my head, but still, the fact is I must have it. So, first thing I do after getting Hayley up and ready is to start the coffee while I start her breakfast. Seems like a sound plan. So she has her oatmeal and fruit, followed by a not-so-yummy bottle. Then it's time to help me get ready for the day (shower, dress, get a face on). After all this, it is time for a nap (sometimes for me, but in this case, I mean Hayley). After getting her down for a nap, I rush downstairs to wash dishes, clean her bottles, pick up the breakfast mess, start laundry, and then grab 10-15 minutes of computer time before she wakes. 

Then it's back up to get her up and dressed for the day. Now she's ready to play so we have some floor time with toys upstairs for a bit before coming downstairs to get in her jumper and hop away. When she's bored of that, it's usually time to switch the laundry and do some more cleaning, so she tags along. Then it's either lunch (a pureed veggie) or bottle time before the next nap. 

OK, next nap commences so I am either taking a nap myself on the bad days or I am catching up on some work. I also usually make something for lunch at this point. Wake up time again! Now it's back to the jumper for a bit to wake up and stretch. At this point, she usually plays more with the toys on the jumper rather than hopping. One of those toys is a spinning salamander. She loves to make it spin. While I watch in amusement, I realize I have yet to actually drink my coffee. In fact, it's still sitting on the Keurig. Dang. (Full disclosure there are days where I remember it while working and will drink it then. Those are good days.)

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All of that brings me to my point. I miss my brain. I've said it and alluded to it before, but some days I lament the mushiness that remains where a once-functioning brain used to be. All I have now is Mommy Brain. It happens to the best of us, I guess. 

I have artfully-crafted this post many times in my most-favorite thinking place (the shower), and yet, by the time I have a moment to actually compose the words, I am left with a blank stare and idle fingers. (I promise it was supposed to be full of intriguing insights and thoughtful considerations.) Had I not had a brief, striking moment of clarity at 2 a.m. this morning, it may not have been written at all. But while staring at the ceiling and counting the minutes I was wasting, I suddenly thought of many words I tried to think of over the course of the last week. Words I used to use frequently in my vocabulary. (These days, I am lucky to remember "vocabulary".) I suppose it is how nature intends. When you are a mom, your first and largest thoughts must be centered around your child. The next portion is for your significant other/family. And then typically work, household, etc. The last thing you get to use your brain for is yourself. All the more reason to exercise not only your body, but also your mind (does Words with Friends count?).

So I get the reasoning behind my dearly-departed brain, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I guess I have to take solace in what I can still do with it.

Ask me where the favorite paci, cherished Sophie teether, newest favorite toy, or closest bib is, and I can tell you without blinking.

Ask me to spell salamander, and you will probably have some time to go make coffee for yourself.

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