Monday, December 30, 2013

From Start to Finish:: Christmas Edition

I hope your Christmas was merry and warm. 

For someone who has always enjoyed the spirit and sights of this holiday, having a toddler in the house blew all previous Christmases out of the water. Her gasps, "ooohhh"s, and squeals pretty much made me forget what we ever did for Christmas before she was around. It must have been pretty dull. Here's a quick highlight reel:

Happy accident:: stuck at Nana's Christmas Eve (thanks, germs)

Round 2:: Christmas morning with Peaches, Pip, & the cousins

One toy. Two happy cousins.

Round 4 (#3 not pictured):: Christmas night. Home at last.
It's worth noting she was incredibly sick for all of these (and another Christmas not shown). And it was still the best Christmas ever. Such a trooper!

But, now Christmas is over. I know the holiday was last week, but we took our tree and decorations down this weekend (they typically are up until New Year's Day) so it is OVER. Except for the view out of my patio doors of an empty Christmas tree. It's a sad, lingering reminder of what was. Kind of like letters from an old relationship. Time to toss it to the curb (or in our case, pass it to a fishing friend who has other plans for it).

While it was here, we loved every minute of it. The smells, the lights, the yummy food...oh, and the presents. On the other hand, my second most favorite part about decorating for Christmas is cleaning up the decorations. It feels like a bigger (cleaner) house when it's all safely packed away. A mini "spring" cleaning. I think even Hayley appreciates the clean look. More room for her to adorn the space with new toys. By tomorrow, this clean space will once again show the aftermath of a toddler tornado. But, for today, it is a breath of fresh air.

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